Criteria for Application Approval

  1. Completed /signed applications - one application per applicant over 18 years of age.  Application processing fee(s) $40.00 per applicant. (Cashier's check or Money Order only)
  2. Applicant(s) gross monthly income must be 4 times the amount of the monthly rent. – This must be verified as follows:
    • Provide one current paycheck stub showing year –to-date income or at least last two paystubs.
    • Provide letter of appointment on company letterhead (on new job) and/or
    • Provide current income tax return (only if self employed) and/or
    • Provide three months of current bank statements (if self-employed).
  3. Applicant(s) must have two (2) years verifiable resident history.

    • If applicant has rented from individual owner, a copy of the last three months cancelled checks must be provided
    • Applicant may not have more than two (2) late payments within the last twelve months and not more than one (1)  NSF check in the last twelve (12) months.
  4. Applicant(s) credit history will be reviewed.
  5. Government Issued Picture I.D. card or Driver's License and Social Security Card per applicant must be provided.
  6. Reservation Deposit of $250.00 in Certified Funds only. Reservation deposit will be refunded if applicant cancels within in writing 72 hours from reservation date or when the application has been declined. If approved, the Reservation Deposit will be applied towards the Security Deposit. ($500.00 on Approved Credit or Higher Deposit maybe required based on credit.)

Reasons for Automatic Denial of Applicant:

  • Applicant was evicted from another apartment community.
  • Applicant has balance owed to previous apartment community.
  • Applicant cannot complete application criteria.

To ensure prompt processing of your application, the above items must be presented within 72 hours from reservation date. If the information is not forwarded to our attention within this time frame, we may have to return the apartment to the open market and your deposit may be forfeited. Please contact our Leasing Office at (626)967-5291 or fax (626)915-4143 for any further inquiries.

Thank you for choosing The MEDICI at SOUTH HILLS as your new home!


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Criteria for Application Approval

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